Saturday, July 01, 2006

Kimchi buchimgae

김치부침개, Kimchi buchimgae

김치 부침개 Gimchi buchimgae (Gimchi pancake)
This Korean cuisine is Korean style pancake made of Kimchi.
Flour and Kimchi are main ingredients of it.
Sometimes we add chopped onion, or other vegitables.
I saw someone adding sugar, but I would never do that.

Excellent for late afternoon's snack on a weekend day. :)

Saturday, June 17, 2006


E-mart, where I usually buy food and things.

E-mart is no.1 discount store in Korea.
(Is the word right? Do they call it 'discount store'? store like Walmart, Carrefour, etc.)

Worldwide no.1, Walmart used to be no.5, but now they withdrawed from Korea.
Carrefour followed Walmart. They also gave up Korean market.
It is said that the two big stores failed localization.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Kimchi jjigae restaurant: Jang-ggo-bang

Jang-ggo-bang gimchi jjigaeKimchi jjigae (김치찌개) restuarant, 'Jang-ggo-bang(장꼬방)' is located at Seocho-dong, Seoul.

It's near my workplace, so I could drop by at lunch time one day. Dishes are inexpensive (considering it's located in Gangnam area) and neat.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Ganga - Indian restaurant

I like Indian curry.
Though it is uncommon and quite expensive in Korea.
My favorite Indian restaurant is Ganga.
The first shop opened in Apgujeong-dong, Seoul.
And now there are several branch restaurants.

These photos are taken in the one at Apgujeong-dong.


Nan - Indian bread

I like this very much. Eating nan is fun, even without curry. People also eat curry with chawal( ice). I prefer nan to chawal.

spinach curry
Palak paneer - Spinach curry

It tastes much better than I expected.

Chicken curry
Chicken Makhni

There're more than ten sort of chicken curries in Ganga, and this is my favorite one. Cream and butter included make it more soft and delicious.

Bean Curry
Dal bukhara - bean curry

I was curious what curry tastes like if it contains beans. It's not bad. But previous two curries are better I think.

Tandoori chicken salad

Tandoori chicken salad

Tandoori chicken is one of the most famous Indian food. Red color and herbs are remarkable.

Indian chilli chicken
Indian chilli chicken

A little hot, but not to be concerned much. I think Tandoori chicken is better.

at Ganga

The place is rather dark to take photos of food. But I like the atmosphere.
Everything's good here.... except the high price.
It usually costs more than 20,000won per person. (about 21 USD)

I hope Indian cusine get more popular in Korea, so there are more of new Indian restaurant which may effect the price.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

golbaengi muchim (골뱅이 무침)

This is "Conch mixed with vegetables." (골뱅이 무침)
I made it by myself.
In favor with soju (Korean hard drink) drinkers.
The beer (MGD) is substituted for soju, since I prefer beer to soju.

Eric's New York Steak

I found that there is a new steak restaurant near my office.

pepper steak

The name of restaurant is Eric’s New York Steak. They have cheap lunch courses like pepper steak + soup + bread + salad + coffe (or jasmine tea) at the price of 12,000won (about 13USD). Considering the expensive beef price in Korea and other prices in Seoul, the price is quite good. Since I have not been to New York, I don't know about the taste. I just hope that real New York steak is not very different from this.

cream soup



the entrance

Spring of Seoul

Forsythia in front of my office.

회사 앞 개천Forsythia is one of the most typical spring flowers in Korea. The yellow flowers make us happy to feel the spring has come.

Doesn't the spring of Seoul look delicious? :D